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Mushroom Bay

Beach Yoga

Back to nature - Taking yoga outdoors

Outdoor yoga’s events add a different dimension to one’s practice yoga. Being outside can intensify your yoga experience, when you practice outside of the studio you test your concentration abilities and increase your power of abstraction.

That why Yoga Dunia offer you this experience on the beach. Come to practice and accept to challenge yourself – Stay connect to know when it will be the next session

Intro to Yoga's world


Want more than regular class

If you are feeling new to the Yoga world and have a desire to learn more than simply taking a regular class, join us for 3  days incentive on the fundamental counterpart of yoga.
At Yoga Dunia we always make sure that you will get the special attention needed and feel at ease while learning more about the magic that lies beyond the word “YOGA” in a very laid back environment at tranquil pace.
As yoga is not only a physical practice, we will go through the ancient philosophical parts that connect mind and body spirit together, Yoga history and origins, philosophy and introduction to the sutras and fundamental postures for a good practice.

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