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Yoga Teacher Trainer, Writer

and passionate world traveler

Leah is a frequent contributor to publications such as Yoga Journal, Yoga International,
Prevention, DOYOUYOGA, and YogiApproved and she also teaches online classes with Yoga
International, YogiApproved, and DailyOM.
When Leah is not teaching, she can be found surfing a mellow lefty, practicing handstands in
the sand, finding magic and eloquence playing with words, or traveling to far ends of the globe
with her mat in hand. Connect with Leah and follow her teachings and travels on Instagram,
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Some of Leah’s publications:

5 Reasons Basic Physics Says It’s Never Wise to Jump Back to Plank Pose

Why Knees, Chest, Chin Is Not a Chaturanga Alternative

Some of Leah’s online classes:

Flow toward bakasana
Yoga for the soul: a gentle yin practice

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Restorative Yoga for Self Care



In our busy, stressful world, we all need a little more time for ourselves, a little more time to soften and absorb, relax and release, and simply to let go and become present. We all need restoration in our lives. Whether we’re physically burned out from overworking our bodies, mentally exhausted from raising three kids, emotionally drained from losing a loved one, or just constantly stressed and tired, renewal and restoration is an essential chapter in all of our lives. Sometimes, we simply need to take the time to unwind, relax and gift ourselves restoration to be able to replenish our own spirits.