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3 Day Beginner Immersion with Stevie Ray

July 2nd to 4th | From $185 USD

July 14th to 16th, 2019

Learn to maximize the positive effects of your yoga practice while minimizing the risk of frequent injuries acquired by yoga practitioners. Our Beginner’s Immersion Program has been specifically designed to arm new students with the necessary tools to safely explore and expand in their yogic journey.

5 Day Teaching Methodology Immersion with Stevie Ray

June 25th to 29th | From $475 USD

July 7th to 11th, 2019

For those searching for the necessary tools to teach or seasoned instructors looking for fresh new perspectives, our program is a full immersion into teaching methodology and a philosophical approach to asana and its place in the yoga system. Learn how to effectively cultivate physical and energetic awareness…

65 hour Yin & Chinese Medicine Yoga Teacher Training with Marieke from Yinspiration

July 18th to 26th | From $1,030 USD

In yin yoga, postures are hold for longer periods of time to stimulate the energy flow in the body. It’s a practice focused on cultivating stillness and helps us to turn more inward while stimulating the connective tissues; fascia and joints, in the body. Especially in our daily world, a lot of our activities are yang in nature…

200 hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course with Stevie Ray

August 1st to 24th | From $1,800 USD

September 11th - October 4th

Join us for our unique and extensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. A full immersion into the Yoga system, examining dynamic and static styles of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Our teaching methodology and teaching practicum goes above and beyond the Yoga Alliance requirements for a level one course.

100 hour Meditation Teacher Training course with Eileen Tupaz

October 7th to 10th | From $1,350 USD

This 100 hour intensive is for individuals who wish to cultivate or deepen a meditation practice or who wish to lead the practice for others. As the popularity of mindfulness and meditation grows all around the world, the need for highly competent and compassionate teachers has risen as well.

200 hour Vinyasa - Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training course with Tomomi Kojima

November 17th - December 8th | From $2,000 USD

In this unique teacher training program, we aim high. We strive to become the fire starters of our quiet revolution, warriors of peace and the engaged citizens of this human tribe in order to be part of the solution, the light in this world.


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