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Get new skills from the comfort of your home with our Online Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance

Everywhere, anywhere, on your own path study new skills to improve your practice and teaching. Short Online Yoga Training – Online Yin Yoga Training – Meridian Chakras, and 5 Elements course. Join the online yoga training classes with Yoga Dunia Team from all around the world.

online yin yoga training

Why taking an online course with us?


Manage your time. No starting or ending time. Life access to the content. For those who have a busy life, study on your own path and rhythm.


Just need an internet connexion to get access to your online yoga training. From the comfort of your house, on holiday, or even on public transport for the nonpractice part.


All students who successfully complete the online yoga training course will be awarded a certificate of completion. Yoga Alliance accredited as Continuing Education.

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Our Most Popular Online Yoga Courses

Our program is an alternative to Yoga Teacher Trainings in a studio while still maintaining the integrity in training, and depth of learning. Start studying and Learn a new aspect of Yoga, discover a new practice, improve your knowledge and even start your Journey through the Yoga World and then Join us in Bali to continue your Yoga education and practice in person with the Yoga Dunia Team.

Chinese Meridians

15hr Meridians, Elements & Chakras | $ 150 Usd Unlimited Access

This is made for everyone who wants to learn more about the Chinese Meridians, the 5 Elements of Yin Yoga, the 7 main Chakras, and how it connects altogether.


Chinese Meridians

30 Hr Online Yin Yoga Course | $ 295 Usd Unlimited Access

Made for everyone who wants to learn the basics of the principles of Yin Yoga, including the Fascia, Taoism, Meridians, the Chakras, increase your knowledge and develop your teaching skills.


Chinese Meridians

Yoga Practice - Pack 6 Classes | $ 60 Usd Unlimited Access

Yin Yoga Practice.
Each lesson includes 2hr of practice related to the Elements, Meridians, learn about your connectivity with the Elements and Seasons.
Practice from everywhere!


Free Learning & Yoga Blog

What to know about yoga teacher training

What to know about yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training is everywhere around the world, 50h, 100h, 200h Yoga teacher training and even 300h or 500h … So many different styles, Ashtanga, Therapeutic, Kundalinī, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga...

The Meridians System | Chinese Medicine

The Meridians System | Chinese Medicine

In the previous articles we explored how our emotions are stored within the cells of the connective tissue, or fascia, and the connectivity of both Yin and Yang energy with the elements and in turn...

Join us in Bali

Whatever you are looking to deepen your personal practice or to teach professionally, our Yoga Instructor provides 200-hour yoga teacher training Bali Course at Nusa Lembongan, Bali will provide you all the needed element to take your yoga to the next level.

A full immersion into the Yoga system, the best yoga teacher training retreats to examining dynamic and static styles, our teaching methodology and teaching practicum goes above and beyond the Yoga Alliance requirements for a level one course.

yin yoga teacher training bali

55hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training

7 days of Practice, 2 classes a day
Structural and Muscular anatomy of Yin
Yin Poses and variations, Meridian system 
Understanding the fascia, and the connective tissue
Tension and Compression theory

200hrs Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Training

24 Days of Practice with 2 full-day off
Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, and Meditation
Teaching skills, Anatomy and Physiology for both Yang and Yin Practice
Equally Balanced course 50/50

Yin Teacher Training Bali, meridians, 5 elements yin yoga

Already in Bali! Join us in March for a Yin Yoga Training

Open to everyone how wants to learn more about Yin Yoga

Starting Monday 1st March, 55hr/7 days of Yin Yoga

Learn how to practice and teach Yin Yoga, Anatomy of Yin Yoga, Meridians, Taoism, the Yin Yang Theory, the Yin Asana and so much more

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