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20 min Vinyasa Flow practice

This practice focuses on stabilization and release of back muscle

Breath Work for Scuba Divers

I made a little video on breath work for scuba divers but anyone can benefit from breath work because breath is the bridge between body and nervous system. The key word? Relaxation!

The Importance of Structural Alignment

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training course is grounded in building a strong foundation through structural alignment and building an understanding from the ground up. In our course we analyze weight distribution, injury prevention, and the priorities of an asana to help students develop an intellectual approach to the practice.

200hr Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

The importance of teaching practicum in YTTC which tends to be neglected. At Yoga Dunia we have an extensive teaching practice program to provide the space for growth and implementation of all the accumulated knowledge from our teaching methodology workshops and lectures.

Verbal Cues & Non-Violent Adjustments

Yoga Dunia’s 200 hour yoga teacher training course focuses on arming students with safe and effective teaching methods to help their future students build a sustainable practice.

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