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Yin Yoga Training Course

Welcome to our 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Dunia studio in the serene paradise of Nusa Lembongan, Bali, just a short walk from the beautiful Secret beach. Our studio, situated in this tranquil location, offers an ideal setting for your immersive experience in Yin yoga.

Why consider this Yin Yoga teacher training course? Our 50-hour YTT Yin Yoga will provide you with the required knowledge of philosophy, history, and anatomy to understand the principles of this modern practice.

Immerse yourself in the tangible benefits of Yin yoga through two daily classes, providing a hands-on experience of varied asanas and their modifications. This practical approach enables you to apply theoretical knowledge and refine your skills in teaching Yin Yoga.

Acquire essential tools for lesson sequencing, gain confidence in teaching, and develop your unique style. Upon completion, you’ll be a certified Yin Yoga teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance, ready to guide and support your students on their transformative journey.

Learn Yin Yoga in Bali, Nusa Lembongan

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7 days Yin Yoga Training Course

Nusa Lembongan, Bali

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What is Yin YogaYin Yoga is a slow-paced and modern yoga practice that combines the principles of Taoism with the principles of yoga. It focuses on targeting the deeper connective tissues and improving energy flow through the organs. By holding each asana for several minutes, Yin Yoga allows for a deep exploration of the body and encourages the release of tension, emotions, and stress.

This practice promotes stillness, peace, and overall well-being. It also offers the opportunity for creativity and can be a complementary practice to more dynamic forms of yoga, helping to achieve a balance between yin and yang energies.

“Yin Yoga is the poetry of slow motion. It’s where we find grace in stillness and depth in surrender.” – Sarah Powers

Yoga Training

Dates and Times


10 to 16

The training starts on Saturday 10 Feb 2024 at 2 pm with our welcome circle to meet each other followed by your first Yoga practice.

The training ends on Friday 16 Feb 2024 after the certificate ceremony followed by a celebration dinner.


14 to 20

The training starts on Sunday 14 April 2024 at 2 pm with our welcome circle to meet each other followed by your first Yoga practice.

The training ends on  Saturday 20 April 2024 after the certificate ceremony followed by a celebration dinner.


17 to 23

The training starts on Saturday 17 Aug 2024 at 2 pm with our welcome circle to meet each other followed by your first Yoga practice.

The training ends on  Friday 23 Aug 2024 after the certificate ceremony followed by a celebration dinner.


8 to 14

The training starts on Sunday 8 Dec 2024 at 2 pm with our welcome circle to meet each other followed by your first Yoga practice.

The training ends on  Saturday 14 Dec 2024 after the certificate ceremony followed by a celebration dinner.

Yin Yoga Teacher training syllabus

What you will learn

Find your voice as a Yin Yoga Teacher, all the essential keys to teaching with confidence in 7 days.
200hr yoga teacher training bali

Drawing from her background in Ashtanga yoga, Delphine offers a unique perspective on Yin Yoga. Let’s start by revisiting the fundamentals, beginning with a definition of Yin Yoga and its connections to fascia-focused practices. We’ll then compare it with restorative and yang yoga, highlighting their distinctions while underlining their compatibility when combined.

Naturally, we’ll explore the roots and tenets of Yin Yoga, delving into Taoism and the Chinese philosophy that underpins Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We’ll examine the practical application of TCM principles in Yin Yoga. As Yin Yoga is also rooted in the Yoga tradition through the poses, we will introduce key concepts of Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy for a comparative perspective with traditional Chinese medicine.

Our journey continues by exploring the core postures in Yin Yoga and their various variations. Before we proceed, a brief overview of the body’s anatomy and physical structure will help us grasp how these postures influence connective tissues and fascia, Nervous System and Vagus Nerve. We will also assess the latest scientific research. Gaining a practical understanding of anatomy will compel us to explore ways to tailor the practice to accommodate various body types, health conditions, or specific targets that we establish.

Finally, we’ll address the tools and techniques for effective teaching. This involves crafting personalized sequences tailored to individual needs and incorporating complementary practices such as meditation, pranayama, mantras, and more. We’ll also touch on teaching methodologies, the influential role of language choice, and the significance of tone of voice. We will dedicate some time to understanding how to be an « ethical » Yoga teacher through concrete examples.

A crucial aspect of Yoga involves study – encompassing self-study, analysis, reading, and reflection, all of which are activities seamlessly integrated into our daily lives as Yoga teachers. Consequently, we will incorporate conversation starters to delve into various topics related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga. These moments will serve as opportunities for reflection and the exchange of viewpoints, enhancing our analytical skills and providing practical insights on how we can apply these learnings in our daily lives, fostering personal growth.

We will finish by testing our knowledge through theoretical and practical exams.

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All you need to know

Download our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training brochure to get all the information about the training offers, dates, content, prices, location, visa…

Daily training schedule

What a typical day looks like


  • 7 – 8.30 | Morning Yoga Practice
  • 8.30 – 9.15 | Breakfast Break
  • 9.15 – 10.30 | Lectures – Theoretical part
  • Tea, Coffee break
  • 10.30 – 12.30 | Asana Lab
  • 12.30 14.00 | Lunch Break
  • 14.00 – 15.00 | Theory, Teaching…
  • Tea, Coffee Break
  • 15.00 – 16.30 | Afternoon Practice
  • Homework

The Yoga Dunia Team

Meet your Teacher

Delphine B Yoga, Yoga Teacher RYT-555hrs & WYS-200hrs

Delphine Berclaz was born in a small village in Switzerland where Yoga almost didn’t exist at that moment. She started her yoga journey in Geneva more than 10 years ago. At that time, she was not sporty at all, neither flexible nor strong. Soon, she began to practice every day.

In 2017 Delphine moved to Singapore where she lived for 5 years. In 2019, she did her 200hrs certification in Hatha and Ashtanga with Master Sree at Tirisula Yoga without having in mind to become a Yoga teacher. Yet, surprisingly, the Yoga call was the strongest: within 24 hours, she quit her marketing career, changing the activity of her own business to become a full-time freelance yoga teacher. It was time to share with others all that Yoga had given her in his life, sticking to the idea: yoga is for everybody and every body.

Full Bio HERE


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