200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training Course Nusa Lembongan, Bali

22 Days Transformative 200 hour Vinyasa Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training Course

Join us for an amazing 200 hour Transformative Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher training at Yoga Dunia, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Minutes from the beach in a peaceful location, this is the perfect location to dive deeper into your Yoga and become qualified to teach.

We are offering a combined equally balanced course where you will learn all the Vinyasa and Yin essentials to both personalize your own practice and give you the skills and qualification to teach both Yin and Yang yoga classes.

The training includes Vinyasa (Yang) and Yin asana, philosophy, practical interactive learning labs and student practical teaching labs. Your own practice will deepen as you apply the theory of both yin and yang yoga to yourself and have the opportunity of practicing teaching both of these styles to others. By the end of this intensive course, you will be able to confidently teach a Vinyasa and Yin class.

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Meet the instructors


Claire Green – Yin Teacher Trainer
Senior Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and passionate yin yogi, from her first encounter with yin yoga she was hooked, and fell in love with the pure raw healing potential of the practice and the contrast between the strength and power of a yang practice compared to the grace and surrender of a yin practice. Passionate about how yoga empowers people in the healing process ; rather, than being a passive recipient of treatment, the student is actively engaged in the path to their own well-being….Read More



Nickyy- Vinyasa Teacher Trainer
International teacher of 13 years with over 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. After falling in love with the practice of yoga 16 years ago, she gained an Advanced Diploma at the Academy of Yoga Learning, Melbourne, Australia. She has deepened and enriched her understanding and practice over the years with Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing, 75 hours Yoga Therapy Training, 100 hours Level 1, Anusara Teacher Training, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Functional Anatomy as part of a Bachelor of Honours undergraduate course in Occupational Therapy…Read More



  • Yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation, teaching skills, anatomy and physiology for both a Vinyasa and Yin practice, both styles are delivered 50/50.
  • Daily 2 hour double yin and yang yoga classes, totaling 4 hours each day.
  • One full day off with a snorkeling trip.
  • On successful completion a 200 hour Teacher Training certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance. 
  • Yoga Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative.
  • The maximum participants in the group is 24.

Daily Training Schedule

From Monday to Sunday with one Sunday off

6am – 6.45am: Meditation
6.45am – 7am: morning tea
7am – 9am: Asana and pranayama
9am: Breakfast
10.30am – 12.30pm: Interactive lectures or asana labs
12.30pm – 1.30pm: Lunch
1.30pm – 3.30pm: Interactive lectures or asana labs
4.00pm – 6.00pm: evening asana, pranayama and meditation

PROGRAM - Course Outline

  • Intelligently sequenced, Alignment Based Vinyasa Flow classes.
  • Successful sequencing of a 90-minute Vinyasa yoga class.
  • Exploration of the principles of the Hatha Yoga System within teaching and practice.
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation sessions to compliment a dynamic Yang Practice.
  • Yoga Philosophy: Including Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and how to incorporate key elements and themes into your teaching.
  • Study of the subtle body including Chakra system, Vayus, Nadis, Koshas, and how they relate to you, your students and your teaching.
  • Practical anatomy relevant to a dynamic Yang asana practice.
  • Common misalignment issues and how to create a safe and accessible practice for your students.
  • Taoism and Yin and Yang Theory and how these relate to our Yin and Restorative yoga practices.
  • The seven Emotions and the Corresponding organs.
  • The Meridian system.
  • Our energy fields and energy bodies. How they relate to you, your students and your teaching.
  • Tension and Compression anatomy interactive lab
  • Functional Yoga Interactive lab: how to use Yin yoga to compliment your skeletal system
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation sessions to compliment a Yin Practice
  • The basic acupuncture points
  • Successful sequencing of a 90-minute yoga class (Yin, Restorative)


You will be taught different pranayama and hand mudra techniques to suit both a Yin and Yang practice to understand, influence and direct the prana (life force) to support and deepen your physical practice and your meditation practice. You will learn how to move more deeply into the subtle realms of the Self through the subtle body and the Koshas (layers of the energetic self) and safely guide your students into a deeper experience of their practice.

  • Teaching Skills for both Vinyasa and Yin practices
  • Establishing a successful self-practice
  • Finding your voice as a teacher, exploring your unique contribution and your role
  • Practical lesson planning and sequences
  • Practical 20 minute teaching opportunity to the group in both Vinyasa and Yin style

You will receive anatomy and physiology teaching lectures relevant to both a Yin and Yang practice to deepen your understanding of body mechanics during a yoga practice. You will gain an enhanced comprehension of the body to inform both your personal and teaching practice. Topics covered include: Anatomy of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, Anatomy of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, Anatomy of the spine, Anatomy of the core. Kinesiology and biomechanic and the Anatomy of the nervous system.


The teachers will introduce you to many different meditation techniques from a variety of spiritual traditions to compliment both a Yin and Yang style practice. Meditation is a valuable and powerful tool and establishing a daily practice is key for deepening your spiritual understanding and to feel confident incorporating these techniques into your teaching. Meditation practices you will be introduced to include Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness meditation), Chakra meditation, Color visualization, using our Senses for meditation, Mindfulness techniques and breath based practices.

The first ten days will be your yang, in the style of Alignment-based Vinyasa flow. Various teaching techniques will be presented including the fundamentals of breath-based movement, when and how to include pranayama and meditation in your classes, how to build intelligently sequenced classes using Vinyasa Krama (the building blocks of vinyasa yoga), and how to incorporate yogic philosophy and physiology. On the eleventh day you receive a day off to have a spa treatment, go snorkeling or just enjoy island life. The last ten days is your Yin part to apply, interactive lectures and practical sessions to learn, understand and apply the principles of a Yin practice, linking out physical practice with specific organs and energy pathways. By feeling and understanding ourselves energetically and working with your own meridian system you will how to restore physical and emotional balance for yourself and to teach others.

  • Vinyasa (Yang): You will gain a theoretical understanding and clear framework for sequencing a vinyasa class that cultivates creativity, independence, authenticity and allows you to grow as teachers and students in the practice of yoga. We will then explore how the different asanas and other practices can be sequenced and explore in-depth the characteristics of each asana family and the other yogic tools including meditation, pranayama, mudra, chanting etc. This will Include their effects on the physical and energetic body, the mind, benefits, yogic physiology (chakras, Vayu’s, koshas etc), western physiology (nervous systems etc), contraindications, alignment principles, etc). We will be exploring vital teaching skills and how to both deliver information effectively and encourage learning in a creative and safe manner.
  • Yin: You will learn how to take a shape that suits your skeletal frame and softening into the shape to engage your meridian system and release stagnant energy. The teacher will guide you how to go through a journey of understanding your energetic system. By learning these teaching skills and how to instinctively tune into your own and student’s needs will lead you to practice and then teach the art of self adjustment accordingly, so that students can understand how to tune into their own energetic body to create balance within the practice. We will be breaking down each popular Yin asana, discussing variations and use of props, the rebound and rest period and how to use a mindful meditation with your practice. We will be exploring Yin teaching skills, voice and tone and how to use observational skills to skillfully interact with students.


  • You will understand the history and philosophy of Hatha yoga and how this ancient tradition has developed in the West.
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali -Swami Satchidananda
  • Bhagavad Gita – A New Translation by Stephen Mitchell
  • Light on Yoga – B.K.S Iyengar
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika- Swami Muktibodhananda
  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha – SatyanandaSaraswati
  • You will understand the philosophy of Taoism and Yin Yang Theory
  • You will understand and apply Taoism to your own life exploring your own patterns and how to use the elements and meridians to create balance.
  • You will be exploring the teaching from Yin yoga teachers and developers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.


  • To teach yoga authentically, you must first have an established personal practice. During this intensive course, you will practice two hours twice a day different styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin yoga and Restorative.
  • If you feel ready to take this next step and wish to become a certified yoga teacher we do recommend you to have at least one year of regular and dedicated yoga asana practice.
  • However, if you are at the stage where you wish to develop your own practice, learn more about yoga and all its aspects, but are not ready or do not wish to become a certified yoga teacher yet then this course is also for you. We understand it can be difficult to find the time to learn and practice all the elements of yoga, so this is an opportunity to do so without becoming a yoga teacher.
  • If this is you, we do recommend you to have practiced any style of yoga for at least six months, as this will make it easier for you to develop a regular asana, pranayama, and meditation practice. You will be able to follow exactly the same schedule as those who are choosing to become certified, without the necessity to complete the final test paper and the student teaching labs.

Final assessment – During the last week of the training you will have different assessments to complete; this will be both written and practical teaching assignments.

Included excursions – During this training, you will enjoy one snorkeling excursion to encounter marine life.

Dates & Pricing

A non refundable 500 $ deposit is required to reserve your space in a training

April 5th – 25th, 2020 | From $2.495 USD

Early Bird $200 USD off , Ends Jan 5th, 2020

June 7th – 27th, 2020 | From $2.495 USD

Early Bird $200 USD off , Ends Mar 7th, 2020

September 6th – 26th, 2020 | From $2.495 USD

Early Bird $200 USD off , Ends Jun 7th, 2020

What’s included?

  • All Yin and Yang classes
  • All Pranayama and Meditation classes
  • All props requires for practice
  • All Lectures and Teaching Labs
  • Comprehensive Yin & Yang Teacher Training manuals
  • Certificate with option to register with Yoga Alliance
  • Breakfast & Lunch during the training day 
  • Refill water all day
  • 1 Snorkeling excursion

Housing - Guest House partner

Accommodation is external to Yoga Dunia, there are so many options close by and we can book the right one for your budget, see the option below or book your own accommodation. We have found in the past many people prefer to have some privacy at the end of the day.

Dormitory | 205 $ for 21 nights

4 Bunk Beds – Air Con – Bathroom – Hot Shower

Private Room | 395 $ for 21 nights

Double Bed – Air Con – Bathroom – Hot Shower

Bungalow | 625 $ for 21 nights

Double bed – Air Con – Bathroom – Hot Shower

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