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Welcome to our Yoga School in Bali, Nusa Lembongan. Since 2018, our Yoga Teacher Training Center has been dedicated to providing comprehensive courses to train yoga teachers worldwide.

Our training programs are open to everyone, aiming to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible.

Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become yoga teacher, while also fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the essence of yoga and embark on a path of learning, empowerment, and community.

Our Yoga Training Course

What options do we offer to become a Yoga Teacher?

  • Enhance your practice and deepen your understanding of Yoga.
  • Emerge fully equipped to confidently and skillfully teach Yoga professionally.
  • Infuse your teaching with joy and creativity.
  • 200-hour comprehensive yoga course.
  • 24-day intensive yoga teacher training program.
  • Dedicated team guiding you throughout the course.
  • Push your boundaries physically, mentally, and spiritually.

200hrs Vinyasa & Aerial Yoga

200hrs Vinyasa &
Yin Yoga

Already certified 200 Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Get an internationally recognized certificate. Teach all over the world.

Our 200h Yoga Training Courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance, allowing you to register as a 200RYT. This certification is the first step to becoming a Yoga Teacher – Check our Article HERE to get more about the Yoga Alliance registration.

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*Our Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Bali Courses are limited in number, for a better learning experience and greater teacher attention. Vinyasa and Yin 16 students maximum. Vinyasa and Aerial 10 students maximum.

Yoga Teacher Training Cost

USD 2.246 | Full Price
USD 1.909 | Early Bird*

*sign up 1 months prior to the starting dates

USD 450$ discount

On the Full price if sign up 2 months before the starting dates

What is included

The cost of the yoga teacher training course includes the following:

20 hours of the online Anatomy course
180 hours of the in-person course
Buffet breakfast at the studio on every training day
Course manual printed book
All props required for practice including Yoga mat, block, strap, and bolster
√ 60 min Balinese massage
Refill water all day, teas, coffee
A welcome pack and guidance from our manager to help you organize your trip
Certificate of Completion printed and electronic with the option to register with Yoga Alliance as 200 RYT


    Accommodation for 24 nights: Dormitory, Private room and Bungalow
    Boat Transfer: One-way or Return Ticket
    Airport Pick up or South Bali (under conditions, contact us before)


      What to expect during your Yoga Training course


      Course Content


      Time Table



      For Whom


      Mastery Teaching


      ASANA: The Asana component of the course comprises two parts: a daily morning practice and an afternoon 90-minute session, which can be either Vinyasa and Aerial or Vinyasa and Yin depending on the choice of the training. Additionally, there is a theoretical aspect called Asana Lab. During Asana Lab sessions, you will learn everything related to yoga postures: their alignments, variations or modifications, contraindications, as well as how to guide students into and out of the poses. Furthermore, you will also learn how to adjust poses, which is already an integral part of the teaching aspect.

      PRANAYAMA: The Pranayama component, much like the Asanas, is divided into two parts. The practical segment seamlessly integrates into the daily practices, while the theoretical part delves into all the necessary knowledge required for practicing and teaching Pranayama safely. During this phase, you will study techniques such as Ujjayi breath, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, among others.

      MEDITATION: Once again, this practice is divided into two parts, as we believe that combining theory with practice leads to better assimilation. Meditation will be integrated into your daily practices, and then, in a more theoretical approach, you will study various meditation techniques and learn how to guide them effectively.


      SUBTLE BODY: The course begins by introducing the concept of Kleshas following the discussion on the 9 Obstacles. The aim is not merely rote memorization but rather fostering a deeper understanding that students can relate to. Through shared moments and introspective exercises, students explore how these obstacles manifest in their lives and learn strategies to overcome them.

      The theory of chakras is then taught, followed by dedicated classes focusing on each chakra. Additionally, a lengthy chakra meditation session is incorporated to enhance students’ connection with these energy centers. While acknowledging the challenge of directly feeling the chakras, the goal is to plant a seed of awareness within students, providing them with a practice they can continue at home, knowing that understanding may come with time and practice.

      Lectures cover Nadis, prana, and Vayus. Nadis can be experienced by assessing airflow through the nostrils, a practice done before and after classes, and even during lectures to reinforce the connection between theoretical understanding and practical experience of prana’s influence on one’s life.

      20hr Online Yoga Anatomy Course with The Anatomy School by Rachel Ellery

      Discovering the anatomical magic that’s beneath our skin, Rachel Ellery will guide you step by step through 10 chapters of yoga anatomy. This engaging, empowering, fun, and interactive course with great visual pictures will support you in gaining 20 hours of Online Education required by the new Yoga Alliance Standards (February 2020).

      What you will learn?

      • Structure governs function
      • Intro to the systems of the body
      • The breath
      • Core cylinder – diaphragm & pelvic floor
      • Navigating through the body and understanding the movement of the body
      • Osteology – the study of bones
      • Arthrology – the study of joints Myology –
      • The study of muscles Myofascial lines

      The online Anatomy course has to be achieved before the in-person training.

      10hrs In-Person:  Depending on the chosen yoga style, the Anatomy component of the course varies slightly. For those opting for Vinyasa and Aerial, there’s a focus on exploring biomechanics and safe movement practices. Alternatively, selecting Vinyasa and Yin entails delving into biomechanics and safe movement practices alongside functional anatomy. This includes understanding how bone structure influences practice, exploring the fascia, and learning about tension and compression theory.


      Whichever Yoga Teacher Training program you choose, you will delve into the definition of the word Yoga, its history, and its global dissemination. Regarding philosophy, the training is focused on the Yoga Sutras and their application not only to yoga but also to daily life.


      Throughout the training, you will accumulate knowledge on how to share yoga and construct yoga asana classes. Each practice session will serve as an opportunity for learning. Starting from the third day during the Asanas Lab, you will begin teaching, initially single postures and then multiple, eventually leading to the creation of your own classes. The theoretical portion will provide insights into constructing sequences intelligently, safely, and creatively. You will also learn how to select themes to build your sequences around, understand the importance of language and tone of voice, and gain practical experience in managing a yoga class with real students.


      During this segment, our instructor will elucidate various professional aspects of the yoga teaching profession. You will be equipped with the tools to comprehend the requirements of Yoga Alliance. Additionally, you will explore numerous avenues to find your voice as a certified yoga teacher, including how to conduct online classes and create workshops or retreats.


      If you choose our 200-hour Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training, a portion will be dedicated to the study of Meridians and their connected organs, the theory of Yin Yang, Qi, as well as the five phases (xu-xiang).


      If you opt for the 200-hour Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, a segment will naturally be allocated to studying Aerial Yoga Asanas, understanding the use of straps/swings, and ensuring safety protocols are comprehensively covered.


      In order to obtain your certification, we need to assess your skills in two ways: theoretically through a quiz and practically through the preparation and teaching of a yoga class in a real-life setting.


      7.00 am – 8.30 am

      8.30 am – 9.15 am

      9.15 am – 10.15 pm

      10.15 am – 10.30 am

      10.30 am – 12 pm

      12 pm – 2 pm

      2 pm – 4.15 pm

      4.15 pm – 4.30 pm

      4.30 pm – 6 pm


      Pranayama, Meditation & Asanas Practice

      Breakfast & Journaling


      Tea, coffee Break


      Lunch Break

      Asana Lab | Workshop

      Tea, coffee break

      Pranayama, Meditation & Asanas Practice


      07.00 am Pranayama,
      08.30 am Meditation
      ———— & Asana Practice

      08.30 am Breakfast
      09.15 am & Journaling

      09.15 am Lectures
      10.15 am Group Study

      10.15 am Tea, Coffee
      10.30 am Break

      10.30 am Lectures
      12.00 pm Group Study

      12.00 pm Lunch
      02.00 pm Break

      02.00 pm Asana Lab
      04.15 pm Workshop

      04.15 pm Tea, Coffee
      04.30 pm Break

      04.30 pm Pranayama,
      06.00 pm Meditation
      ———— & Asana Practice

      The prerequisites for joining our 200-hour yoga teacher training courses are:


      1. Experience: We required students to have some prior experience practicing yoga. A minimum of 1 year of regular practice if you wish to teach yoga professionally after the course and 6 months if you do the course for your personal growth.
      2. Commitment: Completing a 200h Yoga Teacher training program requires a significant time and energy commitment. Our Courses are intensive 24 days and 8 hours per day so you need to be ready to commit at 100%.
      3. Physical Ability: While you don’t need to be a yoga expert, you should be comfortable with basic asanas (yoga poses) and have the physical ability to participate in daily practice.
      4. Interest in Yoga Philosophy and Practice: A strong interest in learning more about the philosophy, history, and practice of yoga is important, as Yoga Training programs delve into these topics in depth.
      5. Communication Skills: Since you will be learning how to teach yoga, communication skills are important for effectively guiding students through classes.
      6. Openness to Feedback: Being open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism is important for personal growth and improvement as a teacher.
      7. Age Requirement: the minimum age to join our Yoga courses is 18 years old.
      8. Health and Fitness: Ensure that you are in good health and fitness, as yoga teacher training can be physically and mentally demanding.
      9. Mindset: A positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow as a teacher and practitioner of yoga.

      After this 24-day immersion, you will emerge not only enriched but also with the confidence and knowledge to teach and create Yoga classes tailored to your audience. You will be ready to embrace a new career.

      Based on your choice of training, you will be able to teach the following types of Yoga:

      200-hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Vinyasa and its variations, as well as Yin Yoga classes.

      200-hour Vinyasa & Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Vinyasa and its variations, as well as Aerial Yoga.

      Outline of a Typical Day in Our Yoga Course

      Yoga Dunia Lembongan

      About the Yoga School

      Yoga Dunia Lembongan is a well-known Yoga Alliance certified yoga school since 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. The school offers a variety of yoga programs and training for yoga enthusiasts. One of its most popular programs is the 200h Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali.

      Each program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques. Our experienced and certified Yoga Teachers provide personalized attention to each student in a safe and respectful environment.

      The serene location of the Yoga Studio on the magical island of Nusa Lembongan adds to the experience, making it an ideal place to dive deeper into the world of Yoga and transform yourself.

      Talk with Audrey your Yoga teacher Training Assistant

      Still have questions, and need more information before enrolling in the training, we understand the decision is a big one with many things to take into consideration. Don’t worry if it all feels daunting, we are here to help!

      If you’d like to have a conversation with someone, that’s no issue at all! Feel free to reach out to our dedicated manager, Audrey. She’s just a message away on WhatsApp at +62 823 3907 4055.

      Whether you have a quick query or need in-depth information, Audrey is here to assist. You can also send her an email with all your questions, and she’ll get back to you promptly. We’re committed to making your experience as smooth as possible, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any inquiries or concerns. We look forward to assisting you!


      Why should you choose us?

      lembongan beach retreat

      The Location

      3 min from Secret Beach

      Because of its tranquil and natural surroundings, Nusa Lembongan island is a great place to practice yoga. The laid-back atmosphere of the island, the beautiful beaches, and the lush greenery create a peaceful and serene environment for the practice of yoga. It is also less developed and crowded than Bali, which means fewer distractions and more opportunities to be quiet and reflect.

      lembongan beach retreat

      The Syllabus

      Yoga Alliance Elevated RYS 200 Standard

      You will extensively study the main aspects of Yoga. You will practice and study the Asana, Meditation, and Pranayama. We also cover the history and philosophy of yoga, teaching methodology, creative sequencing, lesson planning, yoga anatomy, and the functional anatomy applied to different body structures.
      Yoga Alliance accredits our Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and allows our graduates to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200. This certification is recognised worldwide.

      The Team

      Lead Teacher | Anatomy teacher | Assistant & Guest teachers

      Our Lead Yoga teacher is highly qualified with many hours of teaching yoga, studying anatomy and philosophy, leading training and retreats, and dedicating their lives to Yoga. In addition, we have a specialized Yoga Anatomy Instructor who brings in-depth knowledge of the body’s mechanics and how they relate to yoga practice. Another experienced Teacher assists the lead teacher, providing additional support and guidance throughout the training. Additionally, we invite Guest Yoga Instructor who are experts in specific subjects. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for all students at the Yoga Dunia School

      Groupe Size

      16 Students | 70 m² Yoga Shala | Pool | Juice Bar

      In our 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali, we are keeping a human-size group, to provide high-quality studying and intimate and personalized attention from our Instructors. A good condition to prepare for your yoga teacher training certification.
      The studio consists of a 70-square-meter shala with a traditional wooden floor, a pool for refreshing between classes, a juice bar, and a study room, all surrounded by a tropical garden.


      More Reasons

      Choosing a 200 hour yoga training program isn’t easy; there are many options, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So here’s why you should choose us to become Yoga Teacher.

      Experience the transformative power of yoga: At our school, we believe in sharing the profound benefits of yoga with everyone. By choosing us, you’ll join a community dedicated to spreading the physical, mental, and emotional well-being that yoga offers.

      Deepen your practice with comprehensive training: Our program provides a thorough exploration of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching techniques. By choosing us, you’ll not only become a certified teacher but also deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

      Follow your passion with a fulfilling career: If yoga is your passion, we’re here to help you turn it into a rewarding career. By choosing us, you’ll embark on a journey to share your love of yoga with others while making a living doing what you enjoy.

      Build a supportive community: Our classes are more than just sessions on a mat—they’re opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting friendships. By choosing us, you’ll be part of a welcoming, inclusive community that fosters growth and support for all.

      Make a positive impact: By becoming a yoga teacher through our program, you’ll have the chance to make a real difference in the world. Through teaching yoga, you’ll help others reduce stress, improve physical health, and cultivate mindfulness and compassion—a contribution to a happier, healthier planet. Choose us, and together, we’ll make a difference.


      What students say about our Yoga Course

      I really enjoyed the personal development I got out of this experience. All three staff members were so helpful through the whole process. I hope to come back to this little island one day. The morning meals were fantastic, it was a bit tough to focus with the humidity ( floor fans would be a good idea). I loved that there was a pool on the grounds to cool off at and it was a very inviting environment.

      Thanuja V

      February, 2024

      I recently completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Pilu at this highly professional school. I am incredibly impressed by the knowledge I gained. A special thanks to Audrey and Rara for their excellent support, making the learning experience aven more enriching!

      Jacek Darnowski

      December 9, 2023

      This YTT was definitely one of the most transformative experiences in my life. The location is perfect, Lembongan is a little paradise where you’ll always be greeted with a smile. The calmness and slow pace of the island helped us get immersed in the yoga training even more. I did a 200hs Vinyasa and Yin YTT. Our teacher, Pilu, is definitely a force to recon with. She created a open and safe space during our practices, motivated and challenged us, and explained even the hardest things in a very understandable way. During the Yin part she not only taught us how to slow down and listen to our bodies , but shared her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. The manager, Audrey, helped us with all and every question you have. She helped me get my visa extended in the least painful way possible. Special thank for Rara for the amazing, delicious breakfast every day (I still miss that breakfast honestly) and keeping everything in check! If you’re looking for a quiet place to immerse yourself in your yoga practice, look no further! Yoga Dunia is the answer. ❤️

      Barbara Czuczu

      December 10, 2023

      YTT 200 hr training was a life changing experience. A warm welcoming and supportive environment in which to immerse yourself totally. We became apart of the Yoga Dunia family . Thank you to our teachers Pilu and Claire for their wisdom and guidance.🧘‍♀️✨🧘‍♀️✨🧘‍♀️
      Everything was well organised structured prac , labs and lectures alongside delicious healthy Brekky .

      Veronica Knox

      December, 2023

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