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200hr Yin & Vinyasa Teacher Yoga Training 

24 days, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali including 2 days and a half Days off. This Vinyasa, and Yin yoga course covers the following topics which are required by Yoga Alliance. Join the Yoga community and become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Topics cover:

  • Techniques, Training, Practice
    • Asana
    • Pranayama and Subtle body
    • Meditation
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
  • Yoga Humanities
    • Yoga History
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • Yoga Ethics
  • Professional Essential
    • Teaching Methodology
    • Professional Development
    • Practicum
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All you need to know

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Yoga Anatomy part 1

20hr Online Yoga Anatomy Course with The Anatomy School by Rachel Ellery

Discovering the anatomical magic that’s beneath our skin, Rachel Ellery will guide you step by step through 10 chapters of yoga anatomy. This engaging, empowering, fun, and interactive course with great visual pictures will support you in gaining 20 hours of Online Education required by the new Yoga Alliance Standards (February 2020).

What you will learn?

  • Structure governs function
  • Intro to the systems of the body
  • The breath
  • Core cylinder – diaphragm & pelvic floor
  • Navigating through the body and understanding the movement of the body
  • Osteology – the study of bones
  • Arthrology – the study of joints Myology –
  • The study of muscles Myofascial lines

The online Anatomy course has to be achieved before the in-person training.

Vinyasa Yoga Anatomy

Integration of the theoretical anatomy principles to the practice of vinyasa asana, including the movement of the body within the yang practice, how to safely make transitions within your creative sequences, and the bio movements of the body.

Yin Yoga Anatomy

Begin by understanding the fundamentals of connective tissue, fascia, the nervous system, and the Vagus Nerve. Then, explore how Yin Yoga shapes and influences these components, gaining insights into the distinctive impact it has on connective tissues and fascia, as well as its broader influence on the nervous system, including the Vagus Nerve.

Vinyasa Yoga Course Part 2

What you will learn

Techniques, Training, and Practice

  • Daily practice of Vinyasa class including Pranayama and Meditation
  • Practice and learn the key poses in each category of asana (standing poses, forward bends, backbends, lateral, twists, and inversions). The modifications, and variations we can use for both beginners and advanced practitioners. How to practice with mindful awareness according to your own body and student needs.
  • Exploration of each asana family and the other yogic tools in a systematic structured way including meditation, pranayama, bandhas, mudra, chanting, etc., that complement this style of yoga, and how to incorporate these into your classes.
  • Begin to develop a relationship with both the form and the functionality of these different categories.
  • Learn how to work with contradictions and the use of modifications within your teaching to ensure a safe and effective practice for your students and common health issues.
  • Explore a range of bandhas, chanting, and mantras that complement a Yang practice.
Yoga Philosophy and History
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the 8 Limbs of yoga
  • Bhagavad Gita and overview of the Yoga history
  • How to incorporate key elements of philosophy and specific themes into your teaching and daily life.
Anatomy & Physiology
  • Study of the subtle body including the Chakra system, Nadis, and Koshas
  • Learning how to balance the energy flow in specific chakras to transform areas in your emotional, mental, or practical-physical life.
  • Practical anatomy relevant to a dynamic Yang asana practice.
  • The biomechanics of the body, understanding movement and the effects on our body.
  • Common misalignment issues and how to create a safe and accessible practice for your students.
Teaching Methodology
  • You will receive guided practices of the techniques themselves, practice the techniques, receive analytical training in how to teach, and have the opportunity to teach others since the 3rd day.
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting.
  • Learn how to safely adjust with confidence and professionalism
  • You will gain both an understanding and practice in how to sequence a vinyasa class that cultivates creativity, independence, and authenticity and allows you to grow as a teacher so you feel fully confident to teach your students in the practice of Vinyasa yoga for both in-person and online.
  • Understanding warm-up sequences, peak postures, and how to incorporate counter-poses.
  • How to prepare effective Lesson planning and Sequencing for both beginners and advanced students.
  • Creating a Yang style sequence according to your or other’s needs, learning one’s own unique anatomical structure and principles for approaching each and every pose (learning adjustments, variations for each body type)
  • You will learn how to theme your, in-person and online, classes to both inform and inspire according to yoga philosophy and how to plan for progressive routes for your students.
Pranayama & Meditation
  • Daily practice of Pranayama and Meditation
  • Study different Pranayama and Meditation techniques that you will incorporate into your practice to establish a valuable and powerful tool to deepen your spiritual understanding and to feel confident incorporating these techniques into your teaching.
  • All techniques are included in your manuals to encourage ongoing practice.
  • Student paired teaching to try out your learning
  • Group Vinyasa Teaching practical’s to build your confidence in teaching Yang-style yoga and complimentary Meditation and Pranayama practices.

From the third day onwards, the program initiates your journey into teaching, with a focus on nurturing your confidence to stand in front of a class. Pilu will be there to guide you every step of the way as you explore the yoga teacher within you. This newfound knowledge and experience can be applied not only in helping others but also in enhancing your own practice. The overarching goal is to seamlessly integrate yoga into your daily life beyond the mat, fostering self-compassion and empathy for your true self. This transformative process includes ample opportunities for teaching practice, where you’ll gain invaluable experience by immersing yourself in real class situations with actual students, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching yoga journey.

Yin Yoga Course Part 3

What you will learn

Techniques, Training, and Practice

  • Asana Lab: In-depth guidance with detailed instructions and illustrations for each Yin Yoga pose. Learn how to modify poses for accessibility or increased challenge. Explore the art of sequencing a Yin Yoga class, selecting poses that synergize for a balanced practice.
  • Meditation: Emphasizing mindfulness and meditation in Yin Yoga, this course offers practical guidance on seamlessly integrating these practices. Explore various meditation techniques, such as breath awareness and visualization, to enhance the student’s experience.
  • Pranayama: Gain insights into incorporating pranayama techniques into Yin Yoga, with a focus on introducing them during seated positions. Explore different pranayama techniques, including alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi breath, to balance and harmonize the body’s energy systems.
  • Daily morning and afternoon practice: Engage in daily morning and afternoon sessions encompassing Yin yoga, along with complementary practices. Experience a modern approach that nurtures both body and mind.

Drawing from her background in Ashtanga yoga, Delphine offers a unique perspective on Yin Yoga. Let’s start by revisiting the fundamentals, beginning with a definition of Yin Yoga and its connections to fascia-focused practices. We’ll then compare it with restorative and yang yoga, highlighting their distinctions while underlining their compatibility when combined.

Naturally, we’ll explore the roots and tenets of Yin Yoga, delving into Taoism and the Chinese philosophy that underpins Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We’ll examine the practical application of TCM principles in Yin Yoga. As Yin Yoga is also rooted in the Yoga tradition through the poses, we will introduce key concepts of Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy for a comparative perspective with traditional Chinese medicine.

Our journey continues by exploring the core postures in Yin Yoga and their various variations. Before we proceed, a brief overview of the body’s anatomy and physical structure will help us grasp how these postures influence connective tissues and fascia, Nervous System and Vagus Nerve. We will also assess the latest scientific research. Gaining a practical understanding of anatomy will compel us to explore ways to tailor the practice to accommodate various body types, health conditions, or specific targets that we establish.

Finally, we’ll address the tools and techniques for effective teaching. This involves crafting personalized sequences tailored to individual needs and incorporating complementary practices such as meditation, pranayama, mantras, and more. We’ll also touch on teaching methodologies, the influential role of language choice, and the significance of tone of voice. We will dedicate some time to understanding how to be an « ethical » Yoga teacher through concrete examples.

A crucial aspect of Yoga involves study – encompassing self-study, analysis, reading, and reflection, all of which are activities seamlessly integrated into our daily lives as Yoga teachers. Consequently, we will incorporate conversation starters to delve into various topics related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga. These moments will serve as opportunities for reflection and the exchange of viewpoints, enhancing our analytical skills and providing practical insights on how we can apply these learnings in our daily lives, fostering personal growth.

We will finish by testing our knowledge through theoretical and practical exams.

Course Dates

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Course Dates

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This Yoga Alliance accredited 200hr Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher training combined with a Chinese Medicine course will give you all the knowledge and confidence to teach relevant Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes.

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